As you age, your body becomes prone to pains and aches. You immediately get tired and tend to feel aching pain, especially around the joints of the legs and arms. Have you ever wondered why does this occur? Let’s take a look at a common problem – explained by the best arthritis treatment doctor in Salt lake.

A short brief on Arthritis

Arthritis of knee joint is quite common, especially in elderly individuals. Usually, it occurs when the cartilage of the knee joint starts to decay. This can happen as you get older or because of any stress on your joints or even due to an old injury.

There is no permanent cure but you can still treat the pain. Sometimes painkillers are prescribed as a treatment. However, long-term use of those can cause serious side effects for some people. Some people even get steroid injections to relieve their symptoms. But if it is used for a very long time, it has serious side effects.

How does Knee Replacement help

If medication and physical therapy do not provide enough relief, the arthritis specialist doctor in North Kolkata suggests total knee replacement surgery as the ultimate treatment option. But this might not be the perfect solution for each and every one. You need to understand whether you are fit for surgery according to your medical conditions and age. For that, it’s always recommended to have a pre-consultation session with the best orthopaedic doctor in Newtown.

What to expect from knee replacement surgery

According to best doctor for knee replacement surgery in North Kolkata, knee replacement is a very rewarding surgery. Patients start walking with some aids from the very next day of surgery. Physiotherapy is required to regain muscle strength.

Knee replacement surgery not only take care of your knee pain but indirectly it also helps to control your weight, sugar, blood pressure etc.

Implants used by the arthritis specialist near you for knee replacement can last for 15 years to 25 years depending on your weight, activity level etc.