Ligament injuries are most common amongst the sportsmen, bodybuilders, athletes and dancers. Such tears are extremely feared and can put you in an inactive mode for quite a long time.

The ligament is nothing but the connective tissue that holds two or more bones together. There are approximately 900 ligaments in the human body. Most of those are in hand and feet and the rest extends in the neck, trunk, pelvis and abdomen. These tissues are strong but they are often prone to meet major accidents in professional sports. Tears and or sprains to the ligament have been the story of many bodybuilders and athletes around the world. The ligament tear can be painful and MRI test can detect ligament tear.

There are many cases of ligaments getting constantly damaged but their results of treatment are excellent. The best orthopedic doctor in North Kolkata treats all kinds of ligament injuries with greater knowledge and expertise.

Injury due to dislocation most commonly causes shoulder instability and ligament injury around it. Dislocation happens when one of the bones of the joint is not in its place anymore after an injury. Structural damage and contact sports often lead to dislocation.

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