Your clavicle, or “collarbone”, is quite important in the placement and functioning of your upper limb. It is the main connector of upper limb with body and shoulder blade. Clavicle fractures are one of the most common fractures treated by orthopedic doctors. Mostly, fractures around shoulder do not require a surgery. However, there are some types of the broken clavicle that are successfully treated with the help of surgery.

The clavicle is important in providing height and contour to the shoulder that makes the muscles around the shoulder blade work better. Fractures that cause severe displacement of clavicle can cause weakness in the shoulder or the risk of “incompatibility” or incomplete healing of fractures leading to chronic pain. Dr. Prashant Arya, the best orthopedic doctor in North Kolkata has the expertise to treat all the above-mentioned conditions.

Symptoms Of Shoulder Fracture

As listed by the best shoulder fracture replacement doctor in Newtown, North Kolkata, the following are some of the symptoms experienced:

  • Swelling
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Discolouration of the upper arm
  • Deformity at the location of the fracture
  • Inability to move the arm normally

What Are Your Treatment Options


Most non-displaced fractures necessitate sling immobilisation before the fracture heals enough to allow mobility without risk of dislodging the fracture fragments. X-rays are used to see if enough healing has taken place to enable motion exercises.

When resting the arm, it’s important to keep the elbow, wrist, and fingers flexible. As the fracture heals, you can begin shoulder movement with your doctor’s approval. If the arm is moved too soon after surgery, it can slow healing; but, if it is moved too little, it can cause stiffness.


Surgical procedures to put the fracture fragments together and repair them with wires, pins, plates, or screws may be done if the fracture fragments are displaced.

Shoulder replacement may be required if the ball portion of the upper arm is fractured, split, or crushed.

Since the majority of shoulder fractures are non-displaced, patients often recover well, with excellent function and motion achieved. Displaced fractures often necessitate surgery and may injure nearby muscles. More shoulder pain, weakness, and discomfort can occur as a result of displaced shoulder fractures.


The best surgeon for fractures around shoulder in Salt lake makes sure you’re relaxed and that you get enough shoulder pain relief. Prescriptions will be sent to you, and your arm will be restrained in a sling. If any exercises are needed, the doctor will inform you.