Frozen shoulder, also called the stiff shoulder, is a very painful condition that limits the movements in your shoulder joint. This condition usually happens in any one of the shoulders, but it may involves the opposite shoulder too in due course of time.

Frozen shoulder is believed to be caused by inflammation of the shoulder joint capsule, which leads to the capsule of the shoulder joint thickens and stiffens. Over time, the shoulder becomes very painful and its range of motion decreases.

Exact cause of frozen shoulder is not known. However it commonly seen in

• In Women more than men
• Around the age of 40
• In Diabetic patients
• Patients with thyroid disease
• After Trauma or surgery around shoulder joint

As per the orthopedic doctor who offers frozen shoulder treatment in Salt lake, this condition affects about 2-5% of the population.

How Do You Know That You Have Frozen Shoulder

Best Orthopedic Doctor and Specialist for Frozen Shoulder in North Kolkata can diagnose this by listening to your complaint and by clinical examination only. X-ray or MRI may be done as an add on to support the diagnosis and exclude some other pathology.

Frozen Shoulder Stages

According to the best doctor for frozen shoulder, the condition progresses through the different stages but it ultimately resolved by its own. It may take a year to three years to go through these stages and resolve.

Although frozen shoulder may be excruciatingly painful and interrupt daily routines, it is a condition that can be overcome with a few simple measures, the majority of which require self-care.

Are There Any Remedies

• The severity of the condition and the length of time it takes to recover are largely determined by one’s lifestyle.
• Maintaining good control of diabetes, as well as any thyroid issues that may be present, is thought to hasten recovery.
• To reduce pain and improve range of motion, use the affected shoulder as much as possible. However, lifting heavy weights and
using shoulder muscles for strenuous activities are discouraged.
• Ice packs can also be used to help with shoulder pain relief.
• Administering steroid injections into the injured shoulder joint, particularly in the early stages, to reduce pain and improve shoulder mobility.

• The orthopedic surgeon can also perform a shoulder manipulation under anaesthetic to aid in the recovery of shoulder
• A frozen shoulder that necessitates surgery is highly uncommon. If the problem persists. Occasionally, arthroscopic surgery is
needed to remove adhesions and scar tissue from within the joint and aid in the restoration of shoulder movements.

frozen shoulder treatment

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