Running is a great exercise. Practicing it every day just for 5-10 minutes has a lot of health benefits such as decreasing the risk of stroke and heart attack, improving cardiovascular health, strengthening muscles etc. Besides the physical upsides, there are many mental benefits as well. Many people turned to running as it helps to get a fresh and clear mind. It is also a very convenient exercise as you can run almost anywhere and require no equipment to do so.


The list of pluses goes on and on. But, running can be rough on the body if you are not taking proper precautions. As you run, your feet hit the ground, sending shock waves through your bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. Running too hard and too fast can intensify this strain on your body. Learn how to prevent running injuries from the best orthopedic doctor in Salt Lake, Dr. Prashant Arya.


Tips to avoid running injuries

Scrutinize your running route

Stay no stranger with where you are going to be running. It is necessary to learn about the area to avoid unexpected falls, trips and other incidents, which can cause injury. If you are not used to running on hills, it is recommended to avoid it. If you run on a track, make sure you switch directions each lap or apply equal pressure on both feet.

Warm up

Get a good stretch in and cool down before you run. Stretching is an essential part of your workout routine and failing to do so is waiting for an injury to happen. Your muscles and joints need to prepare before jumping into exercise. Stretching also helps increase flexibility, which enables you to perform better. Start with a slow jog or a fast walk to sweat all the muscles you are about to be using while running.

Let old injuries heal

One of the most typical injuries people experience while running is the flaring up of a prior injury. Running with a previous injury will be painful, uncomfortable and could make it much worse. It can also make you unsteady, which can cause other injuries. If you are dealing with pain from a previous wound, go see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. Getting a proper diagnosis of the pain and treatment is essential for you to get back to a healthy run without causing any further injuries from your previous wounds, says the best orthopedic doctor.

Stay hydrated

The significance of hydration is stressed for all types of workouts and running is no exception. For a healthy body, hydration is crucial, but you will need to consume more water when running. It is recommended to consume electrolytes, the electrically charged minerals like calcium, sodium and potassium. These minerals help to make your body function properly and are lost when you sweat from running.

Keep the tips mentioned above in mind the next time you go for a run. If you have a previous injury refraining you from running, consult the best orthopedic doctor in Newtown, Dr. Prashant Arya.