The knee is the body’s largest joint, as well as one of the most frequently injured. Your knee joint is made up of bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that work together to enable you to bend your leg. The knee is always at risk of accidents due to all of its moving parts and the delicate nature of the joint.

If you’re having knee pain, you’re probably dealing with one of the most common knee injuries. Consult a knee specialist in Kolkata because he will be able to identify what kind of injury you have and help you to quickly recover from it.

Common Knee Injuries

Since the knee is made up of many different components, several types of knee injuries can occur. More than one knee structure can be compromised and damaged in some cases. The most common types of injuries are listed below.

Knee Fracture

The patella, or kneecap, protects the knee joints from damage or injury. When you collide or fall, your kneecap makes the first contact, thereby protecting the various parts of your knee joint. As a result, the kneecap is prone to fractures.

Dislocation of the Knee

When the knee bones fall out of alignment, it is called a dislocation. A significant impact to the knee, such as a fall, a collision, or a car accident, can cause this.

The knee will fix itself in some cases. It will be a little sore at first, but it will normally work after that. If this does not occur, the only way to heal from a dislocation is for the knee bones to be repositioned.

Knee Ligament Injury

According to Dr. Prashant Arya, who is a well-known knee doctor in Kolkata, injuries of knee ligaments are a common occurrence in sports. They happen when the knee is overextended or moved in an abnormal way, and the ligaments are unable to sustain the movement. Since the ligaments are responsible for keeping the knee in place, if they are overworked, they will be unable to do their job and will stretch or tear. The cruciate ligaments that make up the X – the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) – are the most frequently damaged ligaments. The medial collateral ligament (MCL) and the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) are also frequently injured.

Meniscus Tear

These are common in sports that include jumping or spinning, such as volleyball. Meniscus tears are also common in sports where athletes change direction rapidly when running, such as football or soccer. A torn meniscus may be caused by some form of knee twisting, cutting, or pivoting. The meniscus can also tear over time due to wear and tear.

Treatment of Knee Injuries

If your knee pain is minor, it’s likely that you didn’t hurt it, and it’s only overworked. It’s important to see a doctor if you’re feeling a lot of discomfort, swelling, bruising, or instability. Neglecting the issue could aggravate it, resulting in a tear from a mild sprain. Stabilizing the knee is one of the first steps in treating a knee injury. A brace would most likely be recommended by the best knee replacement surgeon in Kolkata to prevent your knee joint from moving.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can consist of a series of stretches and exercises to help you regain movement of your knee joint over several weeks. The exercises will also strengthen the muscles that surround the joint.

Surgical Intervention

When physical therapy and other treatments have failed to completely recover your knee’s function, you may need surgery to treat your injury. Some injuries, such as a fully torn ligament, cannot heal on their own and must be operated on.