Slipped disc

Our backbones are made of a series of individual bones and those are stacked together, forming our vertebrae. The bones are covered by discs that work as shock-absorbers. The best orthopaedic surgeon in Newtown named Dr. Prashant Arya says that these cushions or covers protect the bones from getting harmed while we walk, lift something, or engage ourselves in some other hectic physical activities. When the discs become weak, the problem arises.

Is it a common condition?

Yes, slipped disc is quite a common condition that can be observed mainly in people who are aged between 35 and 55. Men get affected more by slipped discs than women.


There are many visible symptoms that indicate slipped disc. Those are as follows:

  • A back pain that persists and gets worse with time. It becomes extremely difficult to bear the pain when a person with slipped disc moves, sneezes, coughs or stands for a long time.
  • The pain spreads to your legs and arms.
  • An unexplained numbness also takes place in your bones.
  • You may also experience a tingling or a burning sensation while it pains.
  • You will feel very weak and the weakness will consistently stay.

According to the best orthopaedic doctor in North Kolkata, when you find it difficult to move for no reason and gradually feel pain in the bones of your backside, it may be the first sign or indication of slipped disc. So, if you face any issue like that, do not delay and visit Dr. Prashant Arya to get the best treatment.


A popular orthopaedic specialist based in Salt lake says that the treatment of your slipped disc depends on the severity of your pain. The doctor also checks how far your disc has slipped. Accordingly, the orthopaedic doctor will provide you with a treatment combining medication, exercises and physical therapies. If the symptoms persist even after 6 weeks of treatment, then the best , Dr. Prashant Arya, may advise you to undergo surgery. In most cases, microdiskectomy is performed by the orthopaedic that involves removal of only the affected area of the disc. After removing the affected disc, either the doctor fuses vertebrae together or replaces the disc with an artificial one.


So, if you face any issue related to your back, such as pain or tingling sensation while moving, do not wait and contact Dr. Prashant Arya, the most famous doctor for orthopaedic surgery.