Arthritis is a disease that can be observed in almost every house today. It mainly affects your knees. 5% of the Indian population is affected by arthritis, and among them, many patients are aged 55 or less. Arthritis starts to capture the medial or inner side of your knee. With time it causes uncomfortable movements and finally leads to complete restriction of your knee movements, says Dr. Prashant Arya, an orthopedic specialist doctor in North Kolkata.


Your joints, which are formed by connected tissues named cartilage, work as protective cushions. If your cartilage gets damaged due to some injury or disease, the rough and unprotected edges of your bones rub against each other and result in extreme pain. This condition is commonly known as osteoarthritis. It is also called the wear and tear disease of joints.

Partial Knee Replacement

In most cases, the patient’s 1/3rd portion of the knee requires replacement. Previously, besides medicine and exercise, science could only provide a total knee replacement even if only a portion of the knee was damaged. Now, advanced technology has come up with partial knee replacement. A total knee replacement is preferred when a patient’s knee is completely damaged and his/ her joints have totally degenerated. In a total knee replacement procedure, the entire cup of the femur bone and the top portion of the leg bone get replaced, as explained by a famous orthopaedic surgeon in Newtown.


However, if a patient’s 1/3rd portion of the knee gets damaged, a partial knee replacement is enough to fix it. With the advanced technology, the best orthopaedic doctor can preserve all 4 ligaments of the patient while performing a partial knee replacement, whereas, in a total knee replacement, 2 of the major inner ligaments need to be sacrificed.

Your knee is comprised of 3 major compartments. The compartments are as follows:

  • The lateral compartment- This is the outside part of your knee.
  • The medial compartment- This is the inside part of your knee.
  • Patellofemoral compartment- This compartment contains the front part of your knee between the thigh bone and your kneecap.


Advantages of Partial Knee Replacement

The best knee replacement surgeon in Salt lake replaces the damaged compartment of your knee by performing unicompartmental or partial knee replacement. The damaged portion of your knee gets replaced with plastic and metal. As a result, the original ligaments, natural healthy cartilage, and bone of the rest of your knee stay as it is.


Patients who go for a unicompartmental knee replacement say that they feel more natural and they can bend their knees better than the ones who opt for a total knee replacement. Unicompartmental knee replacement is a revolutionary technique that medical science has come up with, as it preserves original bones and ligaments.


So, if you have issues related to your knee, book an appointment with Dr. Prashant Arya now and get the right treatment.